Part 4: Sportsbook Bonuses Add Up

Sportsbooks are competing for your business and part of their marketing strategy is offering bonuses for signing up, depositing, or both. Let's explore some of these bonus bonanzas!

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Are Bonuses Worth It?
Absolutely! Particularly at top rated sportsbooks like the sportsbooks in the best betting sites list. There are other excellent books you can find at SBR that will offer equally or sometimes even more generous bonuses just to get you started. The choice is yours but in order to educate yourself, you need to go to SBR's Online Sportsbooks Ratings Guide. Once you click on a sportsbook link that interests you, it will take you to their homepage and there you will be able to read about sign up and deposit bonuses.

However, let me give you a word of caution. There are sportsbooks out there that are either lowly rated or blacklisted entirely and will offer "too good to be true" bonuses just to lure you into their lair. Don't do it. Stay away and don't waste your time. These are sportsbooks that have failed the SBR vetting process due to multiple unresolved complaints, unjustified freezing of accounts and/or simply not paying customers when asked. If you are unsure, then don't chance it, stick to top rated sportsbooks and if you have a question feel free to ask about any sportsbook in one of SBR's forums.

All Bonuses Are Not Created Equal
Once you have done your due diligence by exploring the many sportsbooks available at SBR then the time has come to register with a sportsbook that you feel best suits your needs. Sometimes the only thing that separates one A+ or A rated sportsbook from another in terms of desirability, may in fact be the bonuses they are offering.

Some call it free money but in reality the only thing that is truly free is the bet, or bets, that it buys you. For instance if a sportsbook is offering a $50 bonus just to sign up, then once you do so a $50 balance will magically appear in your account. However, in order to turn that balance into actual cash you will need to bet the entire balance in either one bet or a series of bets that is equal to the amount (in this case it is $50) of the bonus.  If your bet is a winner then that $50 becomes good old fashioned currency.  

Oftentimes the biggest bonuses come when the first deposit is made. Now the sportsbook knows you are serious and will reward you for your patronage. It is not uncommon to see the sportsbook match anywhere from 100 to 300 percent of your initial deposit. Obviously that bonus money must be wagered and sometimes that amount they gave you must be rolled over anywhere from one to 10 times before you can actually withdraw it. Before you decide to sign up with any sportsbook make sure that it's not only the initial bonuses that are appealing but also the book itself.

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