Part 3: Opening Your First Sportsbook Account

Once you've learned the terminology and have a hold on the basics, it's time to open an account at an offshore sportsbook. Here's how to do it.

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How do I Decide Which Sportsbook to Choose?

Fortunately you have already made a valuable decision and that is landing here at SBR. is the ideal site to educate yourself on which offshore sportsbooks are the best in the business all the way to the most nefarious. SBR has made it their mission statement to be an industry watchdog for bettors and has solicited opinions from thousands of gambling enthusiasts all over the world regarding their experiences with the various sportsbooks around the globe. SBR reviews every complaint brought forth and brings it to the attention of the sportsbook in question. Sometimes disputes are simply misunderstandings while on other occasions there is a definite wrong committed. You will find the best sportsbooks have minimal complaints and immediately rectify any legitimate player concerns.

Your job is to familiarize yourself with the top rated sportsbooks at SBR and choose one that best fits your requirements. Oftentimes, the most experienced sports bettors have an account at several sportsbooks to take advantage of the very best lines available. The more options you have, the better chance you will have of getting the very best line. The best sportsbooks are all rated A+ by SBR but these are not the only top rated books in the industry as there are many more that are safe, reliable and have a track record of stellar customer service. Go to SBR's Online Sportsbooks Ratings Guide and find out all about the best books to deposit your money.

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Now What?

Once you have educated yourself and have found a book that meets your criteria in terms of reputation, easy navigability, payout terms and if they are indeed servicing clients in your country then click on their link. Once you have navigated to the site, look to the top of the page and there should be a link to sign up or a "Join Now" button. Once you have signed up, you can then look at the many deposit options to get you started.
Once you have chosen a convenient deposit method and have funded your account it is time to begin looking at the sporting events offered. Most books will offer American as well as European sports with anything from American football, to soccer to cricket on the menu. Stay with the sport that you know for your major bets but if you decide to dabble in an area in which you are unfamiliar then simply learn about the sport and if you fancy it, then begin by making minor wagers to get the hang of it.


1. Go to
2. Once there go to SBR's Online Sportsbooks Ratings Guide
3. Click on the A+ and A rated sportsbooks and compare them head-to-head by feature.
4. Choose one or more, click that sportsbook(s) link.
5. Find the "Join Now" or "Open an Account" tab at the top of the page.
6. Once you have signed up, explore the options for depositing and funding your account.
7. Once you have selected a funding option, it's time to navigate to the sport or sports of your choice and let the fun begin.

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