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Offshore Betting

When people think of gambling, the first thought that comes to mind is Las Vegas. The Strip, the bright lights and the gambling. However, that’s an old school mindset as the invention of the internet has really changed the game. There is an older generation of people that go to Vegas to gamble first and foremost, and there’s a younger generation of people who go to do the clubs, fine dining and pool parties. That younger generation has taken a liking to betting on the internet and along with technology, that’s what has revolutionized the industry.
Vegas vs Offshore

Vegas vs Offshore

Although Vegas is still a one-of-a-kind destination, it has had to become more versatile over the last decade. There was a time when Vegas was The place you went to bet, but nowadays, there are more places to gamble.

When you think about betting on craps, roulette or poker, there is still nothing that can replace Vegas. The cool casino floors, the free drinks, the buzzing atmosphere…you simply don’t feel that when you log on and play online. But for sports bettors, they’re not really missing much if they’re not betting in Vegas. In fact, betting on sports in Vegas is still a very archaic process. There are lots of great reasons to go to Vegas but few go there with the primary goal of betting on sports.

Ancient Process

Ancient Process

While Vegas is high-tech in many ways, betting on sports is not one of them. They’ve recently moved into mobile gaming, but realistically, if you’re betting on sports in Vegas, you’re walking up to a window, paying cash and getting a ticket. How annoying is that?

Let’s go over the ways:
      • You have to carry cash, which could be a problem for big bettors
      • You have to hold on to your paper ticket because if you lose it, you can’t claim your winnings
      • If you win, you have to walk all the way back to the sportsbook and cash in your ticket
      • There are limited betting options
      • If it’s busy, you have to stand in line to place your bet
      • No live betting

Now let’s compare that to Sammy Smartphone who bets online:
      • Logs onto to the internet wherever there is internet
      • Goes to his sports betting account that he’s previously opened
      • Peruses the lines and places a bet within seconds
      • Spends the rest of the time he saved enjoying life
There’s no question that sports betting on the internet is a much smoother, faster procedure. It’s fairly clear that Vegas has been slow to adapt in this realm.

There Are Some Benefits

There Are Some Benefits

Although the online way is more efficient, it’s not perfect. There are some ways in which Vegas is superior. For example, if you don’t want to go through the process of opening an account, which may include sending photocopies of personal documents and sensitive information, Vegas can offer you anonymity. You simply walk up to the window, pay with cash and walk away. Also, getting your money is never a sweat in Vegas. With online sportsbooks, sometimes it’s confusing to figure out deposit methods and the fees associated, and how the payouts work and even if you can get paid out in a reasonable amount of time. With Vegas, that’s never a concern. You walk in, get paid and walk out. There’s never an issue.

The last area where Vegas is superior is with betting limits. Larger limits can be negotiated online with certain sportsbooks but for the most part, Vegas is always offering bigger bets. You don’t see Floyd Mayweather Jr. going online to place his six and seven-figure bets. There’s a reason for that. If you’re looking to be a high roller, Vegas is your best bet.