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    tennis next gen finals...do I have a beef?

    So I wake up this morning, log in to bovada and it opens up my betting client to Khachanov-Donaldson match....donaldson was down 2-0 games in the first set and the over 6.5 games was around +120. So knowing (very) little about tennis I put 100 on the over, because I assumed Donaldson is going to win one game in the set. So the set ENDS 4-1 and I'm wondering what the hell is going on and apparently it's part of these next gen final rules? I'm currently on the live chat on hold because they don't see anything about these new rules.

    I just don't know if that's fair if there is no * or anything...what does everybody think?

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    Hey, these are the new rules for some "exhibition" games and tournaments just to test out some stuff. There is no net calls on the serve, no deuce (if 40-40 the deciding point is next to play), no challenges on in/out ball accourding to new rules its ""close call" and an auto verification, the set is played best of 7 (so 3-3 means tiebreak, regular rules). Guess thats all.

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    And tbh on every livescore page theres an ! mark explaining that the rules in these matches are quite different. Sorry to say, but there are no chances that bookie will cancel your bet.

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    Yeah..not too much luck after you placed your bets...had mutliple times arguments with bovada and people that settle those have very little knowledge about tennis..but yes those sets are to 4..

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    1st to 4 games, yes.