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    Apparently he is also arogant as shit, saying he lost the match to no one but himself. Someone should tell him all the players he played against in Rome , lost theirs too and he did not win a match. I may advance a future bet already he won't win shit just some cash each and there, just a spoiled brat who is gonna eat his nails when others compete. He doesn not aproach net like the masters do, he is a "baseliner".

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    He got mad pawntationed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bettingmosquito View Post
    It would certainly be a value bet if you backed Zverev at 100/1 everytime for the next 3 years. But the problem is, as soon as he gets inside the top 10 and wins more tournaments (and maybe a Masters 1000), his odds will obviously shorten. I mean, if for instance he still has not won a major in 2019 but reached 2 finals (that he lost) and is inside the top 3, his odds to win a slam could be around 8/1. So I am not sure if in the long run it is worth it, but good luck anyway.
    Jeez this was on the money as it gets now haha

    Will be lucky to get better then 20/1 odds now with that Masters win.

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    Imagine the money lost if you followed this strategy.

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