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    24SportsWeb: Changed Rollover Requirements; Refusing Withdrawal

    I have filed a complaint with SBR, though there's no response yet. I just wondered if anyone else was experiencing similar issues with 24SportsWeb and what they would recommend I do to get my money.

    I joined 24SportsWeb in August, attracted by their 50% deposit bonus - big mistake, realise that now. I lost my initial deposit and bonus. I then started receiving e-mails from Bet Digest advertising another 50% re-deposit bonus. There were no terms at all attached to the bonus - it was an image in an e-mail and nothing else. I looked on their website, as well as on 24SportsWeb's website and couldn't find the offer listed, so I asked about it on Live Chat. Mistake number 2 - I didn't get a copy of this conversation.

    When I asked via Live Chat I was told there was a 5x rollover requirement. I thought, OK, if I get lucky I might be able to make it that far. So I deposited - $2500 for a $1250 bonus.

    I had to contact Live Chat to have the bonus added as it didn't appear automatically upon deposit.

    When I looked at my Account History, I saw that there was a 15x notation next to the bonus added.

    On 31 August, I e-mailed 24SportsWeb asking for the error to be corrected - to 5x. I received no reply.

    On 1 September, I spoke to Live Chat twice asking for this to be corrected. Diego said that he would talk to management and get back to me that day.

    On 31 August, I had rolled over the deposit and bonus 3x and won a fair bit; I've lost some of that now, but have managed to complete 5x with $6,877 intact.

    So today (5 September) I decided to fill out a withdrawal request asking for my full balance. Diego finally replies to me today, saying that there is a 10x rollover requirement, so I won't be getting any money until I complete that.

    What can I do to get my money? I don't want to place any more bets as it's not every day that I win more than I lose. And I simply don't want to bet at all with a dishonest bookie. How can they hold me to non-existent terms?

    I realise I was stupid depositing there; I was attracted by the bonus, and didn't know anything about US bookies (I'm in the UK). If (hopefully, when) I get my money back, I'm not sure I want to try these offshore places again. Any help? Will SBR be able to get them to give me my money?

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    I had a bonus without deposit

    I played and I asked them how to do for a withdraw.

    then they send me terms and conditions and I saw I can't to make a withdraw, it was more late( conditions are very strictly )

    I wrote them to find a solution becaiuse I was very hungry

    OK was their response

    After any message - Total silence

    After I have post a message at forum bettingadvice

    2 days later I will receive a phone call to ask me if I spoked english at least 5x

    a little I answered

    Overside the phone they seems very hungry

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    "becaiuse I was very hungry"


    Check a dictionary for the meaning of hungry (...and angry) ))

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    First off, Welcome to the SBR forum

    24SportsWeb is part of the Instant Action Sports family of books. In fact not too long ago several IAS players had problems with bonuses, however they did get paid. Please bare with us as we have other disputes we are currently working on at this time. One of us will look into complaint to see if you have a case or not.

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    why do people think 50% is the best for them to deposit, it is really a scam, any book out there that say 50% to me, I would say F you,

    you guys must think twice before going to 50% or 100% bonus, it is BS and I don't think the book can servive with those stupid offer and unrealistic.

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    50% is fine with a 15x rollover, most lose the entire bonus long before that.

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    Justin has messaged me to help, so hopefully there will be some progress here.

    I feel like it's lost money, and just want to place some bets... but I know that will only hurt me in the long run. Hopefully SBR can help me before I act on that.

    I know I was stupid. If I ever see this money again, I swear to the gambling Gods that I will find a better US bookie.

    Diego's latest e-mail says: "In the email that was sent to you it doesn’t said that the rollover has to be 5x, neither 10x rollover. So when you asked via live chat about it you were told that the requirement was 10x."

    Obviously that's completely illogical. There was no rollover stated in the e-mailed offer I received, so how can he KNOW that I was told it was 10x? And IF that was the case (which it WASN'T), why would they first add 15x to my account... and only when questioned argue it's 10x?

    If only I'd saved the stupid first Live Chat conversation somehow. I feel like such an idiot I assumed it was a standard offer, but I guess it can't have been if they can't find a copy of the rules.