Scammed sportsbook webmasters leave Futurebet; open new operation

In the fall of 2007 Futurebet-hosted sportsbooks began to realize that player deposited funds, bookmaking profits, as well as money on hand for withdrawals was stolen by the provider. Futurebet, now calling itself iGaming Software, claimed it was broke and could not pay the book or their players. Some of the Futurebet brands like USDbet (SBR rating F) and Monkeybet (SBR rating F) stiffed users and abandoned their sites. Others absorbed losses and attempted to stay in business, doing their own processing. SafariCasino (SBR rating D) and Dimeline Sports (SBR rating D) are two books that sustained hits by their business partner, continued to use Futurebet's software and hosting while using internal processing resources. The two books left Futurebet this past week, setting up new servers and their own software in Curacao. SBR will speak with ownership and reevaluate the new gaming group in early September.

The list of gaming sites to join the group include: