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    Carib Sports Update

    I signed up a few weeks ago and just wanted to give everyone an update on how I have been treated and everything...

    My deposit and the bonus being credited went very smooth, they even put a couple games back on the board after the first pitch went off b/c I just deposited. I made a mistake over the phone and did "win 250" instead of "risk 250" on a -210 money line and noticed it once I got home, I immediately called and requested the bet be changed to match the 8 other bets I placed prior and after on the same phone call and they refused but did offer to cancel the wager with no penalty, which I agreed and they did. (wager lost)

    EVERY customer service rep i have talked to has spoken almost perfect english and has not been rude or anything whatsoever. They grade games usually within about 5-7 minutes which is pretty good and they have decent props.

    Overall I have been very happy with them, the ONLY thing that I do not like is not being able to buy half points on fball... Is that a thing of the past online now??

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    Thanks for sharring your experieces with Carib sir.

    The only real issue I have with them is I'm not to fond of there bonus struture, however it can be useful if you use it accordingly.

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    If they had some decent payout options, I'd be intrigued.

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    Good Carib feedback. They have been known to give individual attention like you are getting. They sponsored our capping tourney so we should hear a lot more from Carib players soon, especially the 8 winners.

    Welcome to the forum themajormt.

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    would like to get feedback on payouts, thats the most important thing!

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    Payouts are solid and pretty quick

    You cannot go wrong with this pioneer book that goes waaaay back

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    Well I just requested my first pay out... $35 fee for fedex and was told it would be processed today with a 3-5 day delivery time. They said to call back in 24 hours for the tracking number... I will make sure to keep everyone posted when and if I receive my check. They did say the check would be U.S which is definitely a plus...

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    ive been with carib for years,hey all these books have different issues from time to time. one thing for sure customer service is constantly available and always try their best to accomodate u. i think they have the best nfl pool on the market,17 weeks, 2 contests in one, $250 for the year, lots of places get paid off including biggest loser.