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    Matchbook withdrawal

    I am thinking about depositing more money into my match book account for the start of football. But it appears that the only viable method of withdrawal is via check..either regular mail or courier?

    My idea is when I wish to withdraw money to transfer the funds into bet jamaica and then withdraw the funds using there debit card!!!!

    Any ideas on the viability of this method?

    Thanks in advance


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    I kinda asked about transferring to another book just to withdraw more, and there are some restrictions. I think you have to at lest make a bet with the money. Otherwise everyone would be using 5Dimes or other books as bridges.

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    When you transfer money from one book to another there is a universally accepted 1x rollover before you can withdraw the money. So if you transfer $1500 to BetJam, you have to bet $1500 before you can withdraw the money.

    Also, BetJam may have some restrictions with use of the debit card. You need to call them and ask. 1-800-329-2909.

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    That's the right method to go about doing this Mr.Rick, however just like WileOut mentioned above. They do make you rollover that balance 1x before withdrawing. Also, The fees on the transfers are free as long as it's a minimum of $500 I believe. So please keep that fact in mind as well.

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