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    US Solid Books, Easy Pay

    I am sure this has been asked hundreds of times but I can't seem to find a post that really gives me exactly what I am looking for.

    I am at several A+ books and one D book. I am looking to expand and I was thinking 5Dimes but what I am really interested in is time to payout for US players. I have accounts at the following.


    I recently closed my account at bodog due to the payout problems (took for ever to get the last of my money) I don't want to go through this again.

    TheGreek seems to pay me fast, BetJM I haven't had a WD yet I plan to soon as my funds are getting to the desired level for income betting. BetUS....well lets not talk about that one I consider my money there stuck its like semi-real monopoly money every time I try to WD they have an excuse. I will probably just arbitrage the money there away to thegreek or betjm.

    For fast payouts out of the A+ sportsbooks on the list which ones are fastest for US players. It seems theGreek is tops, who is next diamond? 5dimes?

    If this thread turns into a good discussion I would like to make it a thread that basicly rates sportsbooks based on the speed of paying out to US players.
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    5Dimes would be a very good choice if your looking for prompt payments sir. On average they are currently taking anywhere from 3-4 days on average. Below is a nice writeup I did on them for another SBR not to long ago. This should give you a better idea about them and what they have to offer.

    5Dimes (SBR Rated A) is the way to go for baseball if your a recreational player that bets nickels, and haven't had your limits cut. But just watch out for those delays.

    They have no outstanding complaints or processing issues levied against them at this time. Not to mention they offer some pretty good payment solutions for U.S. players (Echecks most notably 300 max./14 day hold). Plus they offer one free fedex payout per month that you will usually get within about 3-5 business days.

    The bonus they offer for new customers is a 50% free play with a 5x rollover, and 20% reload bonuses.

    They use the ASI software (Which is nice IMO), not to mention the fact that [iSBRFORUM]5Dimes[/iSBRFORUM] has a couple of mirror sites, which helps during the down times:


    Did I mention nickel overnight lines (till 8am est), and offers a lot of prop wagering options.

    Here is the vig breakdowns 5Dimes, and a few of the other wagering options they have to offer:

    .10 up to -176
    .15 up to -201
    .20 up to -266
    .25 up to -280
    .30 up to -346
    .35 up to -361
    .40 up to -386
    .45 up to -421
    .50 up to -461

    Overnight Lines: Yes *See Nickel Lines Chart Below
    Reverse Run Lines: Yes
    5-inning lines: Yes: RLs, MLs & Totals
    Reduced Juice Totals: Yes**
    Reduced Juice RLs: Yes**
    Grand Salami Totals: Yes
    Team Totals: Yes

    Overnight Nickel Lines Chart

    .05 up to -162
    .06 up to -165
    .07 up to -193
    .08 up to -196
    .09 up to -198
    .10 up to -251
    .11 up to -253
    .12 up to -255
    .13 up to -257
    .14 up to -258
    .15 up to -266
    .16 up to -270
    .17 up to -273
    .18 up to -276
    .19 up to -278
    .20 up to -310

    The one complaint I do have against them though. I don't like the fact that they always have problems grading their prop bets. They are notorious for mis-grading those thing and their rules for those seem to have a very gray area IMHOO.

    BetJamaica, part of the TheGreek family of books and use the ASI software, which I feel is pretty nice overall.

    BetJamaica (SBR Rated A+) is more of a recreation book and does offer nice reload bonuses (10 or 20% reup bonuses/$500 max, with a 4x's rollover), however since they are a recreational book they could cut your limits if your chasing steam and or other things of that nature.

    Their banking options for U.S. players have actually improved some over the last few months, because they are now offering Echecks (which is very nice feature these days, but info required to be faxed). Not to mention they do free book-to-book transfers ($500 min) with: TheGreek, Legendz, Pinnacle, 5Dimes and BookMaker and soon Wsex (note: Bookmaker will charge you incoming fees).

    The payouts are very prompt really for overnight checks (3-5 business days), and the withdraw fees are actually quite reasonable if you exceed the 1 free payout via fedex per calender month (min. $200/$35 flat fee if you exceed the freebie).

    Another thing I should make mention of since we have seen some DDos attacks this weekend is that they have a couple of mirror sites for emergency purposes.



    They also are now offering an online chat service which is always a nice feature

    The lines they offer are very competitive with most other books IMO, and the use a dimeline up to -190 in baseball. Which I feel is great!

    Here is the baseball vig breakdown and betting options they will be offering this 2008 baseball season.

    .10 up to -190
    .13 up to -195
    .15 up to -200
    .18 up to -205
    .20 up to -240
    .25 up to -250
    .30 up to -280
    .35 up to -290
    .40 up to -300
    .45 up to -310
    .50 up to -320

    Overnight Lines: Yes
    Reverse Run Lines: Yes
    5-inning lines: Yes
    Reduced Juice Totals: No
    Grand Salami Totals: Yes
    Team Totals: No

    The drawbacks I do have about [iSBRFORUM]BetJamaica[/iSBRFORUM] is they only accept U.S. currencies

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    how about credit wagering

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    Just 2 days to get my last check from 5D, and it was free (one free check up to 3k every month). Listen to BBD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by durito View Post
    how about credit wagering

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    bigboydan thank you this is exactly what I was looking for, being a US based player winning seems to be easier then getting paid often time. Whats the expression, sweat the lines not the payout. I will look into why 5Dimes is an A not an A+ but more info just like bigboydan gave would be great. A couple more of these and maybe the moderators would make a condensed or stickied thread for this.

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    Glad I could help answer your questions sir.

    HedgeHog, Did you receive a payment from this in August yet?

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