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    Intertops payout


    July 19th I requested a payout by check. It cost me $50.00 in which I absolutely hated paying. I believe books should offer at least one free payout a month using any option.

    They do offer one free wire per month. I wasn't not able to use that option.

    Anyway, I called before I requested the payout and they said it would take 10-14 business days. (In fact is says it right on the website under payouts) Today is the 15th business day and still no check. I called on July 23 and asked for a tracking number and they said it would be 4-7 days for a tracking number. I didn't get a tracking number emailed to me until Wednesday 8/6. According to this mickey mouse ezpay company my check has been in the state of Washington for over a week. They just updated the tracking info today and it still says it is in Tacoma, Washington.

    Should I be worried? I don't understand why they would charge me $50.00 for such shitty service. Do you guys think I have a right to ask for my $50.00 withdraw fee back since I didn't receive the check in the amount of time they said I would? I am not hard up for the $50 bucks but it is the point. Stuff like this really makes me lose interest in a sportsbook.

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    You may be within your rights to ask for your $50 fee back but I just don't see it succeeding. You would probably just end up getting yourself more upset for nothing. That money is gone.

    I assume you are in the states. It's a shame because I know Intertops is processing Moneybookers payouts quick, smooth and free right now. Blame your government I suppose.

    As for the question of if you should be worried. No. Honestly, I know we all want our money now but you are not doing badly compared to a lot of payout nonsense going on in the industry right now.

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    I don't think you'll get the $50 back at all, however I guess it never hurts to ask.

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    losing the ICC card was the beginning of the end for these guys. wouldn't you guys think it's a matter of time before books require a minimum of 1k per payout to avoid excessive activity? these small fish with moving small amount in and account will eventually get the attention of the gov'ment and fukk up processer arrangements and names they have to keep using as sending at ** or m'gram

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    They used to offer free checks.. took like a month though, standard mail from Antigua. I guess times have changed for everyone though.

    Even their "free" once-per-month wire transfer isn't actually free, it seems they subtract a $30 fee for U.S banks because they have to use an intermediary or something.

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    Intertops is a worthless book at this point, without the ICC they don't really offer anything good. Their lines are not the steady -110, like most books. Other than poker, I don't really have any use for them until they improve their payout issues.