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    BetChance sends a "client contract" to owed players

    BetChance (SBR rating F) sends a "client contract" to owed players saying they will provide payment within 20 months and asks the player to agree he/she will not sue the gaming company. Players should ask the sportsbook if it intends to steal account balances if this agreement is not signed under duress. The agreement gives the sportsbook reassurance that the player does not intend to pursue the sportsbook and meaninglessly suggests that by signing it, the player has waived the right to pursue funds. BetChance previously offered 30% (now 25%) or payment in full within 15 months. in 2007 players agreed to payment plans which were not honored. SBR will contact Malta Gaming authorities to ask if the latest BetChance payment promise is the result of influence of the regulating body. Malta and its Lotteries and Gaming Authority have not proven to offer added player security to date. Defunct sportsbook Portlandbet (SBR rating F) is also confiscating a piece of player balances. | see BetChance agreement

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    pat venditto
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    20 months wtf?

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    I'm no lawyer, but I've watched enough LA Law, Ally McBeal and Matlock to know that by posting funds, it is an implied contract that you will be paid if you win. Perhaps they should honor that contract first....... Malta...... why the hell would you send money to Malta?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat venditto View Post
    20 months wtf?
    At least it's a better answer than what Cascade is giving out these days.

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    For me itīs incredible that this company is still online, still taking deposits from (not informed) punters - impertinent!.

    In my opinion LGA and have to admit that they failed totally in this matter.

    It seems that the problem with that "book" just go into the nex round, after clients accepting this 30% offer. Found a thead in a betting Forum from Austria regarding this matter - after Users signed this "contract" (to receive only a part of their funds)the book didnt answer for a periode of 1month.

    Well, some of that european bettors report that they received the promised amount - but still there are lot of people waiting just for a reply to their requests.

    Unfortunately a big part of those bettors come from Germany - a country with nearly similar restrictive betting law like US - so they are a easy prey for betchance& reallystupidbookie.comīs caused by missing enough alternatives in their own country.

    Good luck to all persons concerned!

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    Well its another horrible news/offer from BetChance scammers.
    I think if someone sue gaming company -he will win and its better option that to wait 2 years without payback you dont know after this 2 years what will happen but- the result will be the same.
    I m sure no one will get money from BetChance until Maltese Government(not LGA) do sometning or their Finance Minister and until they still online,because when they are offline than this institution will do this.
    Now all things are promises without proof and no guarantee for nothing.
    I advice owed players to contact Maltese Government or European Concumer Center about the problem to see if Malta tolerate scam companies...And DONT SIGN this contract.
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    That's taking "sleazeball" to a new level.

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    Invalid contract.

    Betchance has an obligation to pay winners in a timely fashion. The "new consideration" is a promise to pay within 20 months. If there is nothing new offered, there is no consideration, and it is not a valid contract.

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    Despite receiving assurances from Betchance that contracts would be sent out last month and that the first payments would start to be made then too, 1 month on and I have heard nothing.

    This is hardly surprising from a company that originally stated in its T&Cs that withdrawals would be processed within 5 days. When they couldn't pay, they lied and said it was down to 'technical problems'. When it became clear that this wasn't the case, they repeatedly lied and said time and again that payment would be made next month 'surely'.

    Monies which should have been paid within days are still outstanding 1 year on. It will be another year or more, if ever, that players will receive their money. This stinks!

    The Maltese LGA has demonstrated incompetence on a grand scale when it comes down to player protection. As a poor country aiming to swell its economy, Malta has let greed take over. When will it realise that its lost credibility will only alienate potential new customers?

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    This is shocking.
    Any word from the LGA on this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudcat View Post
    That's taking "sleazeball" to a new level.
    You got that right Muddy, what a pathetic insult.

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    Has anyone got any updates on this?

    I received my contract today.

    I wiped the balance off as a loss but if i can get back 30% then its more than i thought i was going to get when they said they was bankrupt.

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    The Betting Show 2008

    The LGA will be participating in The Betting Show 2008 between the 22nd and 23rd October 2008. This is the third time that the LGA participated in this show. Like in the previous years the LGA will be an exhibitor and LGA representatives will be willing to meet and discuss with interested shareholders of the igaming industry.

    Come and visit the LGA on booth number: 110

    I wonder if they will expect anyone there asking about there money from Betchance