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    Bodog response to all the hoopla.

    Saw this posted elsewhere but I thought my fellow sports investors might find it interesting.
    I've been waiting 39 "business days" for a payout so I'll be waiting on the UPS van to roll up to my door bright and early tomorrow.

    Good afternoon,

    An article was recently released on Forbes.com that creates several misimpression's that the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group feels compelled to clarify for our customers.

    As most of our customers already know, all operators outsource payment processing functions to third parties and these payment processors are subject to regulatory constraints wherever they operate, and, occasionally in the US, are subject to legal action because of the uncertain legal environment there.

    However, the seizure of funds from these US payment processors was mischaracterized in this article, which refers to two specific legal cases against US processors. Rightly or wrongly, the article does not make a clear distinction between these cases, which, as a result, paints a misleading picture.

    The facts are these: the first of these cases – relating to a seizure of funds from a processor known as JBL Services – happened some time ago and has absolutely nothing to do with the current payment processing challenges being experienced in the US. The constraints being experienced by payment processors in the US are universal in that region and not specific to any particular processor or site. Also, note that not one single player failed to get paid when this processor was disrupted.

    The second case refers to a payment processor known as Zippayments.com and seizure of funds from this processor’s bank accounts in Nevada. The article falsely implies – but notably does not go so far as to state - that $9.9M seized from Zippayment’s Nevada bank accounts were funds on account for “Bodog”. This is simply false.

    Processing partners with whom the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group does business are sophisticated organizations that are perfectly clear as to the actual facts of these cases and their contexts. They are unfazed by such media hype and Morris Mohawk wishes to ensure that its customers are similarly informed. Customer deposits are safe and every player has and will always be paid.

    Alwyn Morris
    Morris Mohawk Gaming Group

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    But he doesn't mention or giving any assurance of the payment problem. So what's the point?

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    I'll never make another deposit with Morris Mohawk Gaming Group. I think I'll play with the local this football season and see what shakes out for U.S. online players.

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    My out is Vegas...... safe, secure and fast.

    Cash in my hands within minutes.

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    wow is that a horrible CEO. That letter is pathetic to send to your clients. He offers no solution, speaks of the amounts he has control over and then lies. Amazing how they guys get there. Makes me wonder whats stopping me.