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    safe way to fund accounts

    so its been a long time since i've had to fund an account, just switched books and online methods seem to want either bank ac numbers or ssn, used to be easy with ************. seems the safest is to fed ex a cashiers checks. any suggestions??

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    First off, Welcome to the SBR forum

    ** or ** deposits are probably the best way to go about depositng these days to avoid the hassles and the Fed-ex checks or book-to-book withdraw methods are the best options these days.

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    Depends upon what country you are in, and whether it is one that lets you spend your own money you earn the way you want or not.

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    I would have to think bank wires are the safest. No way to cheat someone, pretty legit. Thats how I fund my books.

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    Credit Card by far the best.

    Reason is, if you play with a book that decides it's not going to pay you, at least you can ********** your deposit and get that money back. Yeah you might lose the money you have won, but they weren't going to pay you anyways. I will not play at a book that does not accept **** or **********. I will always use this as an insurance option.