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    Oddsmaker refuses to settle wager dispute; acknowledges fault

    Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) refuses to settle wager dispute; acknowledges fault

    The player was told his wager, which was an NBA bet placed in June, would be re-entered into the system to reflect the wager he intended to make. The player was told after the game by the sportsbook manager that the Oddsmaker customer service representative was wrong and the bet he said he would change could not be altered.

    I did an if-win on the Celtics last week and if it won, then i had the yankees-
    both won- but when i entered the wager on the celtics, the wager was wrong- it said i had the over- I called before game time- the customer service manager said he would fix it. he never did. I had their financial executive call me and say that whoever told me they would fix it was lying. he said they dont speak good english and shouldnt have told me that it was fixed- he said that he admitted that probably happened but since I am up on their sportsbook, they wouldnt be doing anything for me regarding this.
    i am not sure why it matters if i am up on them. I am up $59. This was a $2400 swing!! I know you cant do much about it, but warning others will be great! thanks
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    Hmm...an expensive lesson.

    Never rely on clerks to "fix" a game at a crapbook. Ask them instead to cancel the wager. Then you can start over.

    One thing in common with crapbooks is they do not have much call in business. The clerks will tell you anything but the book is not going to back it like in this case. The player has to know better than to do what this player did. Especially on a large wager.

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