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    New Live Betting Odds Service, LinesMover, operated by 4SportsPicks management

    New Live Betting Odds Service, LinesMover, operated by 4SportsPicks (SBR rating F) management.

    MajorWager moderator Clevfan spotted Linesmover's phone number on SBR's overview of 4SportsPicks.com which now uses the website, ForSportsPicks.com. The most recent scam from the 4Sports Group was through deposit-only F-rated betting sites PlayersBigWorld, Playing24Hours and SportsPlayingWorld. 4Sports moved these books with it from SportsCallCenter F.A. turnkey service before starting their own operation. Within months players were contacting SBR for help with over five-figures in total payout requests. 4Sports management, also management for Linesmover, told players they are only a service provider. 4Sports also serviced eWinner when it closed with player funds in 2004.

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    Nice info danny..

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    Linesmover is garbage

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Linesmover is garbage