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    Nine new withdrawal complaints filed in 2008 by Europlay players

    Nine new withdrawal complaints filed in 2008 by [SBR[/SBR] players

    The sportsbook was downgraded to F today after the nineth Europlay victim of 2008 reported his account in delinquent status. These recent no-pay complaints total an amount owed of over $11,000. Requests date back to 2007. One player has contacted the Trade Commsioner at the Austrian Embassy. He was told the bookmaker is not listed as a registered business. It is unknown if the book has a physical Austrian-based office. SBR has confirmed the book's server is in the country. SBR is currently requesting banking information from players in an effort to gain more information about the operation's status.

    Trade Commisioner: We refer to your e-mail of 17 April 2008 and fear that you have fallen victim to a website which has been set up with fraudulent intention. We have made our own investigations and ascertained the following facts:
    A similar website
    already exists and is run by the Austrian company Unternehmensgruppe Lindenau using the trade name Europlay Sportwettcafes. They are located at Andritzer Reichsstrasse 56, A-8045 Graz, Tel. 0043 316 697869, Fax: 0043 316 697869-12, email: office@europlay2000.net, and are not connected in any way with Europlay International.
    With regard to Europlay International in Austria we could not trace a company by this name. The telephone number 0043 3182 62230 is not a Graz telephone number. At the address Münzgrabenstrasse 86, A-8010 Graz, used to be a company by the name of BT-Montage Schlosserei, Maschinen- u. Rohrleitungsbau GmbH which has moved to Salzburg and is now insolvent. What business is currently located at this address, we do not know. We have passed your e-mail to the regional Chamber of Commerce in Graz. We are sorry that we are unable to give you a more favourable reply.
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    They no good

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    Hindsight is 20/20, but it is tough to understand why they aren't content with the likes of Pinnacle, Betfair, and other similarly respected establishments. At least we American's have an excuse to roll the dice some places considering our country restrictions and all.

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