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    1LuckyGambler enters the SBR rating guide

    1LuckyGambler enters the SBR rating guide at D-
    1LuckyGambler is a Costa Rica-based sportsbook that uses the Sportsbook.com (SBR rating D-) hosting and service center. Bettors are advised to steer clear of the Sportsbook.com group which has scammed many players over the past year. Sportsbook.com is four months behind in payment to some players due to a lack of processing resources.
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    I had to make a futures wager at L-Maker, truth be told I'm hoping it loses so I don't have to deal with any nonsense. The satisfaction of getting a great price is good enough for me.

    I've got a friend that plays and cashes out there regularly for about 3x the amount I'd potentially win, so perhaps it will be OK.

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    You should be ok at because they have management that is willing to trump a Sportsbook.com decision. The players who may run into an issue are the ones that have a dispute and are stuck dealing with Sportsbook.com front line CS. They don't know enough to search for help.
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