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    DraftKings VIP

    Curious - is DraftKings VIP all that valuable ?

    They just started targeting me with offers - seems pretty decent - but how long will it last. For example latest offer is $100 wager credit for every $1k in settled bets (up to -200 odds) - good for 4 days and up to 2k in bonus bets:

    Also giving NoSweat SGP - up to $100 risk - no legs greater than -500. Not highly valuable to me - but hey sure beats the $10 limit they put on the NoSweat typically.

    Will say payouts are lighting quick - which is super nice. BetEd took a full day to decide their system was down and cancel on me - and then never notified me.

    Live lines are sometimes very opinionated - which is a nice change in the sea of copycat lines. Overall had a good experience- but just wondering if itís worth making them my #1 choice and swinging majority of my action to them for the perks - or will it end after they realize Iím not a long term loser.

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    If you're actually a long term winner and a live bettor, you know that different outs and live lines are invaluable. Worry about getting shut down when it happens.
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    I canít get anything over $5 max bet for any promo they offer

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    Actually surprised they have been as accommodating to me as they have - but also view it as I’m relatively new - so they don’t view me as a “long term” winner - just a schmuck who got lucky a few times.

    Been away from the scene for a while / started back in as the legalized gaming and bonus offers were just too tempting to pass on. It’s been a very good season so far - yet some places continue to toss out bigger and better offers.

    Yea - the options are great right now too - feels like the “good old days” being able to fund simply - having 3 or 4 outs and solid bonuses. Last night Ok State / St Bonn was a perfect example of some of the great opportunities presented in live betting - getting +154 from DK when others hanging -130ish on St Bonn - never get rich pounding these mids / but add in the bonuses and rewards and being able to repeat a few times and you can get eek out a nice little profit week to week that makes the hobby worthwhile and enjoyable.

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    I started off getting these nice promos then after about a month they stopped and Just getting the useless $5 Max promos.

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    They must send out a lot of VIP offers...I got 2 at different times. Did not respond to either. Not a big player...and you absolutely KNOW it's likely not going to end well for someone.
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    2 new offers today

    $100 bonus bet for every $250 SGP (up to 5x - good for 48 hours - each leg must be -200 or higher)


    up to $2500 in gift and bonus bet based on volume (through Sunday - bets -300 or under) 10k gets you $100 50k- gets you $500 - caps out at $2500 for 250k. Single game is 1x points and parlay is multiplied (so a 2 leg gets 2x - up to 10 leg @ 10k).

    Decent offers both of them - I’ll probably nab all 5 of the SGP bonuses - don’t know how far I’ll get into the second offer - but combine that with Heritage no juice offer and some of the half juice / low juice offers could yield some easy volume.

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    They phase out after awhile.

    Deposited 5,000 when it was a 20% FP, 1x roll intro. Immediately got the VIP offers. Lost there over the course of the year, including losing large bets hedging risk free bets on other sites. Got a few 20% cash offers. Haven't had anything in a year. Still down at DK, but not in 2023. Haven't heard anything since 2022 in VIP, likely bet around 5,000 a week or so.

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    Keep hearing that - but hey - I’m here for a good time/not a long time.

    Im sure the offers will dry up as they realize my play is not the most “attractive” - and I’ll move on. Till then just soaking up the freebies and letting my bonus/winnings grow themselves. I’ve walked away with my initial stake back - and that’s what matters - now it’s just taking a bit of profit at a time and trying to keep the profit train moving as long as I can.

    Also curious to see how BetFred VIP treats me - they were pretty nice to start last week with their comps. Just wish they would get the PP issues fixed - can’t payout using that method presently and cannot get ACH to work - which leaves me with check in the mail as only option.