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    Limits on Pinnacle for Australian Open (Tennis)

    Pinnacle has just displayed lines for 1st round matches of the Australian Open, Tennis, and i'm wondering if i'm dreaming or not: limits on hcp and total games about 60 euros???
    I know some of you will answer me "don't worry limits will increase with time, when start time approaches..." . I know it. However, 60e limit when market opens... Even small bookmakers in my country offer limits of thousands euros! (unfortunately with desastrous odds). It's very far the time when Pinnacle was a great bookmaker

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    That does seem low for them. But like you say, limit will increase closer to start.

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    I can bet more with a local BM than I can at Pinnacle on Baskets. Open now in College. Dime limit on game, Nickel on totals. And to wait for it to rise you can grow old. Extra games open at 250................

    Pinnacle "thing of the past"
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