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    Crazy fast payout from Betonline.ag (included payout picture to prove it)

    I open the account with them ab 4 years now. I never get payout with them before since i loss all my money before the rollover finish. This week i get lucky and i hit some bet and have 5k in my account, i try to withdraw by BTC and the very first time i got an email said its declined because they need more information KYC. I spoke to my self it will be alright because this is the first payout but i still a bit nervous.

    I call the number in the email and they transfer me to the gentlement named MJ. After only 3 question like my email on the account, my name, birthday and he told me. Ok its all good, please request a new payout and we will get it done.

    I hang up and request the new payout still with BTC for the amount of 2K
    As you see the timeline in those picture i attached in this post.

    12:14 - Email confirm they got my payout request (1 min after request payout)
    12:22 - Email confirm they Authorized the payout
    12:25 - Email confirm the payout processed
    12:34 - $2k BTC show up in my wallet

    This is a best book ever. I try to do the best so i can review to help a good business like this. Sorry i did try my best since my English still limited
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    good to hear, yes their payouts are almost always really fast

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    20 minutes is actually long for them. Most of mine hit in under 5 minutes.

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    any idea if they changed their payment processor, though? I needed to add an intermediary for my wire recently at least, which never was the case before (and came with another $20 fee on top)

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    fastest in industry
    ignore scammers complaining about them

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    They are the fastest around. The best.