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    Question regarding Heritage Sportsbook

    Hi guys I figure it can't hurt to ask - Heritage is currently running an NFL survivor contest. Each week you pick one winner without the spread and if that team wins you move on to the following week. After two weeks 68% of entries have been eliminated which leaves 32% of entries remaining.

    Does anyone have any idea how many entries something like this will get? With 32% left are we talking hundreds of people still remaining or less than 100? I contacted Heritage but they told me they have no idea.

    Any information will be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I'm just taking a guess and thinking there are still a lot of players left in the pool. I've played contests at other popular sportsbooks, and it's surprising how many entrants they attract. Especially for free contests.

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    there has to be a good number since it is heritage. they probably don't disclose the entries so there is questions asked about who is left, can we split the pot, etc.