Hello everybody. Iím here to ask what things I can do in this situation.

Personnaly, I have an Orbit account on Asian Connect. Iím doing just legal bets. My all time profit and loss are in the loss, no doubt about that.

August 11 I receive that email from Asian Connect :


Thank you for choosing Asianconnect.

We have received update from our upline. As your orbitx account is suspend due to your bet in this match Meerbusch Challenger 2022- Milojevic v Moraing (11/08/2022) is under investigation.
As this match is under investigation, any member who has placed the bet for this match will suspend their account and pending our upline decision for any update.

We are sincere apology for the inconvenient cause. As we are continue making follow up with our upline on this issue, we will be kept you update regard of this issue.

If you have any concerns in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
Thank you!

As of today, September 13, I receive no news no updates. Each day, I go on the asian connect support chat and they answer me always the same thing : no updates from the upline.

What I can do ?

All my money, near 5000$ are on the account but I can do nothing. I can log but I canít place a bet. I have the EX009 message saying that my account is suspended and to contact my broker.

Do you have solution ? Tips ? Everything that can help me, I will take it.

Thank you everybody.

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