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    Bookmaker Free Play

    Got a $1500 freeplay for an issue I had with a live bet wager.

    Did a 4 team parlay for $1500, to pay just over $17,000. As soon as I hit submit it changed to $1500 to win $5000. Totally forgot about the $5000 max for each free play. Immediately contacted customer service to cancel and I was going to split it up so I could get full value. Was told nothing could be done and no manager would take my chat.

    I contacted them back an hour later to see if another manager was in. The CS agent told me in this case I need to contact them back immediately, which I did. I told her this and she said let me look into it. Came back and said sorry nothing could be done.

    Is there anything that can be done in this case?

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    If anything can be done, it would be a goodwill decision on the part of Bookmaker, and it sounds like they are saying no.

    You received this free play as consolation for a past post wager. Then you made this mistake. At some point I think you need to suck it up and take responsibility for your actions.