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    Bovada bonuses?

    Bovada used to offer me new bonuses... there was a weekly 75%... plus some free casino spins weekly... also their superbowl bonuses were reusable for a couple months after the superbowl. Ever since their site update, I've gotten zero bonuses. Are other people still getting bonuses there? I did have a mid four figure payout a couple months ago, but I'm not up big if at all lifetime.

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    Mine have dried up too. My guess is they’ve had so many outages they had to handout bonuses like candy to appease. That affects your bonus/deposit ratio in a big way. End result promotions tighten up
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    They want me to provide a 20 year old credit card I used in order to get a payout

    That is just crazy!
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    Haven't received a bonus there for months.

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    I still see some
    50% 5x roll up to 200
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