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    Heritage Live casino BJ issue

    Before I explain my situation, I want to say that I had a similar issue at Nitrogen for a double down that occured on their multihand bj table. It is European bj, which is not made clear. Their other 3 tables are american bj. So, on this table I doubled down on an eleven vs a ten, as I would playing vs a dealer whole card. It shows a dealer whole card face down on table. I was under the impression this was american bj, so I doubled. The dealer then flipped an ace, and only then did I know it was Euopean bj. I went back and forth with nitrogen about it, as i was asking for the double down part of my bet to be refunded due to their being no way I could've known there was no dealer whole card, until this happened. They eventually credited me with half of what I was asking for, 32mbtc which I agreed was fair.

    At Heritage I have an even stronger case.. I was playing the live bj "early payout" table, which is clearly european bj as the dealer has no whole card. I was all in with my remaining $300 and was dealt an eleven. Now, I remember it being vs a dealer 10, but in the most recent email from them they claim it was an ace, which only helps my case more. If you're not familiar at this table it is supposed to play according to basic strategy. I clicked hit. A five came up totaling 16. It did not let me hit again because it was automatically played as a double down. As I said, I remember it being vs a 10. Basic strategy for an eleven vs a 10 is a hit, not a double down when a dealer has no whole card (European). As I said in the most recent email they claim it was vs a dealer ace, which would be a hit in both versions of bj according to basic strategy. I mentioned the nitrogen incident for a much larger amount. My case at Heritage is even stronger and they just give me the run around and beat around the bush when replying to my emails.

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    Can you explain what Heritage did wrong a bit more clearly?

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    Heritage was not in the wrong here. Whenever you play the early payout blackjack, anytime you have 11, it will double regardless of what the dealer has. There is an option that you have to select which allows you to only hit and not double, but it will give you only one card and doesn't allow you to take another card. You have to choose this "Hit" option within the 8 seconds when it flashes on your screen. In your example, because you didn't have enough money for a double, it defaults to this hit option but you only get one card.

    It is annoying but you have to accept if you're going to play the early payout blackjack. This version of blackjack has slightly different rules when it comes to doubling. This is to keep the game flow smooth and fast because multiple players are sharing the same hand in this version of blackjack.
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