Hello gentlemen

I'm playing on bets10 which is betsson co operation and they are using same licences.

Last friday i made a bet vitesse sparta rotterdam. My bet was 1.5 over goals.
The game was interrupted and could not contunite.

Bets10 rules say that;


The match has been interrupted, when will my coupon be finalized?
In abandoned events, bets that have been finalized according to the current score at the time of the event remain valid. Bets that remain uncertain according to the score at the time of the interruption of the match will be void. For bets on the winner of the match to be valid, an official result must be determined within 36 hours of the abandoned event's start time.

If tennis matches are interrupted, it's waited until the match continues.



page they say thay,

16.25. Football
All bets are regular time only unless otherwise stated. Regular time is defined by the official rules published by the respective governing association. At least 80 minutes of the match must be played for bets to be considered valid. Any bets where the result is conclusively known before regular time is completed or before a match is abandoned should be settled regardless if 80 minutes are completed or not.

According to these conditions, my bet coupon should be void. Because the game wasn't finish and in 36 hours they did not deciced offical result.

But bets10 made my slip to lost.

Now they're telling to me 80 minutes are enough to offical results ? But this is against their rules. If i played on vittese won, i maybe accept that but the goals bet can not be closed.

I can also add the screenshots. The amount arround is 1000 Euros.