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    Beware of mrsloty.com!!! They scammed me out of 200 EURs!!!

    Hi folks!
    I joined and deposited 200 EURs on mrsloty.com yesterday and deposited with my credit card. My credit card was debited 200 EURs but my mrsloty.com sports account wasn't updated at all! It remained at 0! I checked my 'transactions' on this site and it states:

    #: 145631232
    Type: Deposit Now (****)
    Date: 03 Mar 2022 09:42
    Amount (EUR): 200
    Status: Awaiting
    Reason: checkout initiated
    Balance: 0

    I contacted Live Chat and both times they say below and to "keep waiting" for my deposit transaction to clear?!

    "Your deposits are currently on Pending , which means the bank or the server is checking the transaction. Once it is checked, it will be Canceled or Completed. If it is Completed, it will be added to your casino account, if Canceled, it will be back to your bank account."
    Trustpilot say they're a scam and I foolishly didn't check Trustpilot before deposit because mrsloty.com is listed high up at bookmakers.bet

    From depositing at other sports sites when my credit card is debited my account balance at the sports site is updated instantly!!! There is no bs "pending/awaiting" period for my deposit to clear when my funds have already been taken out of my credit account?!

    Unless my account is credited soon or they give me a refund I call them a SCAM SITE!!!

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