its about this fraud happend here as i got this offer with bonuscode - WBACK100 dont accept this bonus because its no chance for a rollover
if you take it you will lose money, they will trick you with there terms which are not clear and no one could believe
its called Bonus but it there try to STEAL costumers money, so its for sure a SCAM from offering it
if you got 100EUR Bonus you should rollover 1000EUR
for example 50% of your bets win @ 2,0 - its 500EUR @ 2,0 = 1000EUR winnings

this 1000EUR are included in 1 balance with this 100EUR bonus= 1100EUR bonusbalance
but you are only able to withraw 5x100EUR= 500EUR so they are stealing 600EUR from your winnings
with this action there only intention is to scam players about there money and nohting else, really next level of fraudsters, whats the options to get back the stolen money?