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    Cashiers Check or BTC?

    It seems like most people use BTC as their primary form of payout. From the other thread, March payment, it's usually quick where your money hits your wallet within a few hours unlike a cashiers check that could take 3 weeks. Is there any other downside or upside to in using cashiers check as a form of payout or just a personal preference?
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    Cashiers check advantage is stability, you get the exact amount. Bitcoin is quicker but you could lose or gain 1% or more because of BTC price fluctuation. You can't sell BTC immediately, it takes time to clear (confirmations). I usually lose some on BTC payouts because of trading fees.

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    good luck cashing that check, I've had multiple bounced before bitcoin days

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    bitcoin by far

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    Do you want to give to the wife or hide it?

    Wife likes to see those checks. Bitcoin you can hide it.

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    BTC is by far better option, specially if you never sold back to $

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    If it’s a check from Canada many banks place a long hold. I had WF charge me $50 bucks surcharge on a check from Canada once.

    My local credit union wouldn’t even let me deposit it.

    International checks much more trouble than they’re worth with BTC option out there