Hi All,

this is my first post there, so welcome.
I would like to share you my bad experience with betcoin.ag
During this 3-4 month my account has negativ balance.
It was made without any problems.

Problems come with second withdraw.
I won about 20 mbtc.

After i made withdraw they blocked my accounts and give me one hour to send verification documents.
They made videoverification too.

Firstly reason was:
"Thank you for your cooperation.
Your account activity is associated with that of forking/surebet
scanners. Which site are you using for this?

Betcoin Security

I didnt use any bets with small markets. Any bets from lower division, any surebets. Sometimes i take free bets from (removed link)

So they find another reason (multiaccount):
We have already associated your account with at a other Betcoin account. Now would be a good time to start talking.
Finally after some emails they withdraw only me deposits .

My winnings (about 20mBTC) were confiscated.
Betcoin didnt show any evidence that i violate terms.