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    They are most likely operating in CR under another name different software vendor also

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    They are most likely operating in CR under another name different software vendor also

    They are operating in CR under the same name with the same software as an international book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SportsBettor74 View Post
    I see. Thanks for the clarification. I did not read these previous threads.

    Yes - that is clearly incorrect behaviour from 5Dimes.

    5Dimes should have created a "value" formula for the pending bets based on the remaining candidates (and the odds at which the original bets were placed compared to their exact odds at the date/time of withdrawal) and the teams that were (already) knocked out. Using this formula, 5Dimes could have "graded" the pending bets as a (partial) win and graded the (already) lost bets as a loss.

    There is no excuse for not doing this. The formula is easily calculated based on the "value" of each pending bet at the exact date/time that 5Dimes was forced to withdraw from the USA jurisdiction.

    [NOTE: in the example given above, if Miami Heat were the ONLY team left in the competition (i.e. they had in fact won at the date/time of withdrawal) then these bets should obviously have been graded as a win at full face value. If there were other teams still in the running then use the formula as stated above to grade the Miami Heat tickets for a partial win]

    I completely concur with all here who are stating that this behaviour from 5Dimes is inexcusable and a disgrace.

    Again - thanks for the clarification.
    Yeah, I lost about $8,000 in value from them voiding futures. Optional's example upthread of Biden +1000 is exactly one of the wagers I had (I actually had him at +1500 from about 12 months before the election). Another example of a future they voided was Male to win the Presidential election (at the time, Trump and Biden were the only two realistic possibilities). So yeah, they voided futures that had attained 99.9% of their possible value.

    It's actually worse than what is explained here though. They also threatened players that the only available remedy for (1) open parlays and (2) parlays with a mixture of won legs and pending future legs would be to void them and get their stake back! I know a lot of people who freaked out and agreed to 5D voiding the parlays just so they could get paid. Players were afraid that if they waited too long, they might not get paid at all. My friends thought i was crazy for holding off on my final payout to see if they made good on paying out these parlays. In the end, 5D did pay them out correctly, but there were a lot of casualties. I honestly don't blame these players because 5D was giving them no options. It was certainly a scary 2 weeks for me as I waited to see what they would do.

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