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    Anyone else having logout issues at BAS?

    It seems like BAS logs me out after a maximum of about 2 minutes, even when actively using the site, anyone else seeing the same problem? I contacted them and the said they haven't had any such issues with any other players, though a couple people I know in CA do. It happens to me no matter what I'm using, PC, tablet or phone and of course the cookies are deleted weekly. Just curious if this is happening more often than they say.

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    That's normal for BAS/5dimes. I think I get logged out quicker than two minutes...It gets annoying to have to log in again and remake my bet after carefully crafting a 15 team parlay but I'm used to it by now.

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    It got so annoying that it's one of only a few websites where I use the "Remember Me."

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    yep......I have to bet a few games at a whack otherwise I get logged out. VERY annoying, but it is what it is.

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    BAS is worse for me than 5dimes ever was. I am constantly logged out while navigating the site.

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    There lines not as good either. I find better lines at Bookmaker .amazing

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    5dimes kept you logged in way longer than BAS

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    I assumed it was to be a pest to people clicking out to other browser tabs to shop lines. Annoying.

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    Still does it for me w any refresh logs out similar to how looselines does same thing...

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    super annoying

    and for whatever reason bad doesn't have auto racing for me, or horse racing matchups... 2 of the main things i played at 5dimes