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    Rockies-Mariners game ends in tie (or did it?)

    With Mariners leading 9-7, Rockies scored 2 in the top of the ninth, and for whatever reason, they did not finish the game.

    Most books have a rule about finishing an inning otherwise score reverts back to previous inning.

    However, MLB spring training is a joke, so the final score was (officially?) 9-9. Or was it? SBR scoreboard shows 9-7.

    So someone help me out here. Is this book dependent?

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    official score for grading purposes across all books (as far as i've seen) is 9-7, as it should be. If you bet Rockies and got out of it with a no bet, consider yourself lucky. On the flipside if you bet Mariners and weren't paid out I'd definitely make noise about it.
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    Some books will insist on grading against the official results no matter what.

    I'd email and ask a manger to review the grading. And if that doesn't work, shoot on an SBR complaint form and we can try asking a manager the same.

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