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    Transaction history going further back than what's available online

    So many books only show transaction history dating back a certain amount of weeks or months, some 3 months some 6 months, online.
    With most books it's possible to get history dating back further if you make a request. This can sometimes be needed if banks or a company like Betfair ask for proof of funds.
    There are examples though of books that say they can't send information going further back than what is available online saying their system only keeps records on what is available to see online.
    Is this true or are they just lazy and not willing to go back further? These are some major companies such as Bookmaker and Betonline. For now I'll just save screenshots of transactions after every week, but there will still be gaps in my history where I will not be able to show proof of funds if needed.
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    Every normal company is required to store data at least 5 years. In era of internet, there is absolutely no reason to not store that data given that storage space required to save such information is very small. So if any operator has limits, even upon request, they should be considered as shady.

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    Screenshots are definitely the way to go. Most books don't provide a lifetime transaction history, so Alfie's conclusion is absolutely correct but no big news: The major part of the industry is shady.

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    Yeah, funnily enough it's stored longer back on BOL's new site compared to old one (I had a look on new site after posting this thread), so I'm taking screenshots from there now. Will be extra work for me, but I will get what I need.
    I'm not sure it's a matter of being shady, I think they're just lazy/incompetent. This was also another case of BOL's CS giving incorrect information, this person on the chat said only 90 days of record was available which is clearly incorrect. This probably means they can provide statements of this and send me, but getting the screenshots myself should work for now.