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    eaglebet.com pending withdrawal not approved after 7+ working days

    Hi all,

    My account at https://www.eaglebet.com/en/sports/ is fully-verified and I've made numerous withdrawals in the past without issue but my latest withdrawal (around 2000 EUR) has been pending since 6/Nov/20. Normally it takes 1-3 working days for withdrawals to be processed but this time 7 working days has passed (and counting). I contacted "Live Chat" and they said my withdrawal is in the "final stages" of processing (they said this last week) and they'll contact me when it's been processed but neither has happened. I submitted a complaint via this site. Has anyone dealt with Eaglebet recently? Anyone having similar issues?



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    That's a new name to me.

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    Ask for the CRM manager in the live chat.