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    1xbet worst customer service ever striked again


    Once again 1xbet showed me why they have the worst customer service ever.

    The settled wrong a bet with overtime included because they claim the bet was on regular time only which is clear based on the betslip it was not.

    I received crazy answer from their CC like

    The administration of the company does not recommend to place bets on outcomes, semantics and conditions of which are partially or completely unclear to the client.

    Dear user,You placed this bet yourself.When placing the bet you can see all the information in the created betting slip.You have bet on the victory of the second team in regular playing time. The second team did not win in regular playing time, so your bet was settled as a loss.

    As always they refuse to even look at what you said.

    It a 88 euros bet which is even more crazy.

    Can someone here have them take a look?

    THanks guys

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    Why do you bet there?

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    PM me your 1xbet account number and I'll ask a manager to check this for you Frenchbettor.
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