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    Bovada is not trying to help

    Itís been 5 days I do live chat 2 times a day for the last 5 days. These people are not very helpful at all they can care less like itís Monopoly money. I went bitcoin exclusive and I played with them forever withdrew from them a bunch but lately since there phone down they donít care. They want me for some reason now send a code to my number and me to type it in before I withdrawl fine but they donít send it. 5 days I telling them I not getting the code I did everything under the sun wifi no WiFi etc........ they all just say the same thing check back in a hour we are having issues. What sending a text get out of here send it to my email they wonít help and they donít care so basically my money stuck because no one will help.

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    Try going on Bovada's community forum. The Mods there seem to help people out far better than the live chat.
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    Whats going on with Bovada lately?

    lots of complaints

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    Jedihoju.......good question buddy? Where are the Bovada shills to answer it.......

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    Don't know if this is applicable here, but one time I had difficulties in getting the codes from Heritage. I unblocked all #'s and cleared everything in my phone but still wasn't receiving their texts. I was using Motorola factory text message app. I then temporary switched to a different text message app and I found several texts from Heritage that I didn't receive with the factory text message app. Don't know if it will work for you, but may want to try switching apps at least temporarily.