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    18bet.com trying to avoid paying my winnings - 3900 EUR


    I have been using 18bet.com for almost year in which I have turned my 300€ into 3900+€. Later I have found out that they started to reject almost all my bets, so I have decided to withdrawal all my money from them.

    First they asked for:
    1. A photograph of the front and back of your ID/Passport/Driver’s license2. A photograph of an utility bill, issued within the recent three months, that contains your name and physical address3. A screenshot of your Neteller account, with the page URL and your personal details (name, address, phone, etc.) clearly visible4. A valid phone number you can be reached at
    I have sent them everything they asked for. Then they asked again for:
    1. A screenshot of your Neteller account, with the page URL and your personal details (name, address, phone, etc.) with the drop down menu clearly visible (head icon)
    Which I sent them also. In another mail they asked for:
    1. A self-certified photo of you (selfie), holding your ID document.
    Ok I have provided them with my selfie holding my ID.

    And I finally hoped that it will be all so I can get my winnings. However to my surprise I received another email saying this:

    Dear ..... ,
    We are reaching you to inform you that our Anti-Fraud Department detected that your IP address is already in use by another account.
    I have never ever had or used another account at this bookmaker !!!
    I have DSL connection with dynamic IP address at home from where I mostly connected to 18bet. (dynamic Ip address means that every-time I connect to internet I am assigned one of IP address that my ISP has in pool) ... so I do not know if this could be problem or they are simply making this up to avoid paying me anything.

    They only sent me my deposit and they does not reply at all to my requests anymore.
    I have already sent complain to Malta Gamming Authority.

    Where else can I complain? Or is there any legal action I can make? As far as I know Malta is member of EU so does it help anyhow?

    I am not letting them go with my winnings...

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    bonus used?

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    If the MGA has already started looking at your complaint to them, 18bet will usually not speak to anyone else about the issue.

    But you are welcome to submit an SBR complaint form https://www.sportsbookreview.com/for...aint-form.html

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