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    Best sportsbooks for betting LIVE, without need to wait for commercial breaks

    I'm betting mainly big leagues MLB,NHL,NBA, NFL. Is there any reliable way for me to bet live without having to wait for commercial breaks?

    I used asianconnect so far, for soccer/PinnacleSports. Since Pinnacle is blocked in my country. No idea how to approach other big leagues.

    I've heard good news about Betonline. However it seems that my deposit is blocked, despite the fact I made the deposit several years ago.

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    Doesn't Heritage go without breaks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluehorseshoe View Post
    Doesn't Heritage go without breaks?
    yes. but the new heritage live betting odds are bad. way worse than the old heritage live betting. others think the new is great. don't get it. takes longer to actually place the bet and then the worse odds, which to me less juice is the main reason to like a sportsbook's live betting, makes me not understand people saying how great heritage's live betting is. it was pretty good, now it's not worth even using heritage's live betting, and I don't. still go back looking to see if they changed back to giving us a choice on live betting. love the book. wish they went back to old version, where I placed bets daily.