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    I Screwed Up So Bad Heritage last man Standing

    I was in the last 2+%. I had several good options such as NO, Rams, Dallas Jags. One of the other options was Texans at home playing a Bad Indy team with no Andrew Luck. Like an Idiot until waiting until Fri or Sat, to make sure no one significant got hurt, I made my selection on Wed. As I am driving to get food, On Thursday, I hear a late day report that Texans starting QB was hurt in practice out for the season. I get stuck with Texans and Savage. He plays like crap, but manages to drive all the way down the field ist and goal 4 shots to win the game and the foooooker cannot get it in. Its a bad beat, but its really my fault for picking early...... dumbazzzzzzz

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    I bet you are just one of the many with a Texans bad beat story this week


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    they were still a 6.5 point favorite

    sorry but not a bad beat by any means
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