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    5 dimes account showing $17k of pending $1 lottery bets I didn't make

    Edit by SBR: This was a system error. What you were advised by 5Dimes staff was correct.

    I logged into my 5 dimes account with $17k in it and it said I could not make a wager because my entire bankroll was pending. Looked at my pending bets and there were $17k of $1 lottery tickets!!! I called and they said it was an IT error on their end and the money would be refunded to my account. I s!*t myself when I saw this thinking I had been hacked or something. I just want to post on a public forum here to make sure these guys are not gonna take a shot at me saying I must have let somebody use my password and they are keeping the money and it's my fault.

    Would appreciate SBR calling them to verify this.

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    Had similar situation, but they corrected everything. Hope yours got corrected too.

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    Thatís insane. Would probably make me throw up