Since Sep 2014 Iím a customer of Cashpoint. I'made some winnings, I've made some losses. I chose Cashpoint because they have an Austrian basis - stupid patriotism :-)

  1. Mid August Iíve got a mail from Cashpoint: ďA bonus of 200 EUR is waiting for you. We double your deposit !Ē
  2. One week later I made this deposit of 200 EUR. So Iíve got 200 EUR of real money and 200 EUR of bonus money on my account. The requirements for withdrawing the bonus: 1200 EUR with a minimum quote of 3 within 3 months.
  3. After some time I lost the real money. Then with some luck and winning combo-bets I made 655 EUR out of the bonus money until 2017.10.30. Iíve reached 70% of the requirements to withdraw the bonus overall.
  4. Suddenly on 2017.10.30 no more sports betting was possible. The limit for all bets was set on 0 EUR.
  5. Iíve contacted the support team to get further information what happened because nobody told me if the system is damaged or what is going on.
  6. After a lot of mails, spending hours of time, Cashpoint support told me that they blocked my account. No further information Ė nothing from them.
  7. So I did further investigation, spent a lot of time, contacted the Cashpoint support again and again and after some time they told me that they blocked my account because they can do. Nothing else Ė only their regrets.

In the meantime they deleted all bonus money from my account. The sum of 655 EUR. Cashpoint told me that they deleted the bonus money because I have no use for that.
Iíve never heard of such a treatment.