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    Case Closed: All Charges Dismissed Against Calvin Ayre, Bodog

    Case Closed: All Charges Dismissed Against Calvin Ayre, Bodog

    All charges have been dropped by US federal prosectors against Calvin Ayre and the Bodog gaming business. Back in February of 2012, the US Attorney representing the District of Maryland indicted the Bodog brand, Calvin Ayre, and three others. Prosecutors charged the group with illegal gambling and money laundering conspiracy. The Bodog.com domain name was also seized at the time.

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    Well, should I be glad the government got to "hold on" to the $67 Million? How do you avoid appearing in court for five years anyway?

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    Wonder if he cut a deal abt the markets he would stay in and or out of. I know he left the Panama market and several others. Be glad to see if they were reentering any countries. Maybe SBR can get se more details

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    Can not play them in Philippines.