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    Poor Service from Bet Prestige

    I registered with these guys and deposited $1000. I received a $100 bonus and placed a few bets ($250 online limit by the way). Anyway, I got lucky and have doubled my money but not reached their wagering requirement. I needed the money out so emailed them because I wanted to withdraw my deposit+winnings and obviously knew they would take the bonus back. So my email was to ask them if the bonus (and maybe fees) would be the only money to be deducted and none of my winnings would be affected by withdrawing before WR was reached.
    I've sent several emails to them over the last couple of days about the possibitity of withdrawing but with no replies.
    They were sure quick enough to answer when I was putting money in.

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    What I like about this forum is I am learning about those real small books out there from you guys

    Thanks and I keep notes

    Welcome aboard guy

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    of Myself -jjgold

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    I'm not familiar with this book (other than I can see they are rated C+ here).

    The most obvious suggestion I would start with is, why don't you give them a phone call? Some books - even some fairly decent books - just aren't very good for dealing with e-mail. Every good book should be able to keep on top of e-mail but, for a few of them, it just doesn't work out that way.

    Prestige Sports:

    Wager Line: 1-800-429-0395
    Customer Care: 1-800-429-5153

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    If you can't afford a dude for 7 bucks an hour to reply to emails then they can't afford to be a sportsbook.

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    Hello HS,

    Prestige's ToS page is almost nonexistant but I wonfer if they may require you to bet through the roll-over even if you are willing to give back the bonus. Some sportsbooks want a shot at winning your money and are not willing to negotiate the roll.

    Please let us know what Prestige's response is when you call, or if you have trouble reaching them by phone. Keep us posted.

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    I played there a while ago. No problems what so ever - besides the rather small limits (500 pr bet)

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