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    So Tipico from recently have new betting company rivalo.com registered on Curaçao...

    Rivalo.com is a brand of 247SportsInteractive B.V.
    247SportsInteractive B.V. is a company registered in the Commercial Register of the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry with registration number 128642. The company is licensed in Curaçao to provide Internet gaming services and products.

    Licence number: Master Licence 5536/Jaz of C.I.L. Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V.

    Place of business
    Emancipatie Boulevard 29

    E-Mail: info@rivalo.com
    Web: www.rivalo.com

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    Interesting ....can you have accounts at both books?

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    We spoke with Tipico management. Rivalo is a completely separate company. Rivalo gets its odds powered by the same provider as well as their software design but that's the extent of it.

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    As a new customer, Rivalo doubles your first deposit up to a maximum of €100/CHF150/TRY 250.
    The bonus is valid for customers residing in Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Hungary and Turkey.

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    any experiences with this new company yet?

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    Admiralbet have closed to UK customers and are recommending Rivalo and suggesting that the 100% welcome bonus is valid for UK customers. I've queried this with Rivalo as their bonus terms are limited to the countries listed above.

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    I was a customer at Admiral and when they stopped taking UK customers they suggested UK customers should join Rivalo. My Admiral account had a "Join Rivalo now" button. I contacted Rivalo and explained this and asked if I could join via this link and receive the bonus as I was from UK (I did this via the contact form on Rivalo site). They replied to say "yes" and asked me to e-mail requesting bonus once I deposited. I did this and received 100 Euros bonus for my 100 Euros deposit with a rollover of 600 Euros at odds of 2 or more.

    I rolled over 600 Euros and ended up with over 1500 Euros. I requested a payout to moneybookers on 27/7 and they requested ID that included photo of passport or ID card, photo of me holding passport next to my face and proof of address such as utility bill. I explained that I could provide those, but my passport had run out and UK don't have ID cards. They said I would need to get new passport, so I did this today ready to upload to their site tomorrow.

    Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail from rivalo today at 12.45 to say that my withdrawal of 100 Euros had been paid by moneybookers, followed by an e-mail from moneybookers saying the same. No indication at all of any problem in their e-mail. However, my account is now disabled and I can't log in to upload the documents.

    I have e-mailed them asking what has happened, but have only recived an automated ticket reply so far. usually they reply within the hour, but I have a feeling I am going to get stiffed. On another forum a few players have reported exactly the same today. One to avoid for the time being.

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    I have received the following reply:Dear XXXXX,
    We have checked your details with Admiral Bet and they have confirmed that you were not entitled to the first deposit bonus at Rivalo. We have therefore refunded your initial deposit done on our site and closed your account. Any winnings will be voided as per Rivalo’s terms and conditions regarding account opening.
    Best regards,

    Rivalo Ekibi'

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    I have replied asking what it has to do with Admiral whether I get a bonus at Rivalo. I have pointed out that I used the "Join Rivalo now" affiliate link on Admiral account, and I checked with Rivalo before I did it. I have e-mails proving this. I have also e-mailed Admiral to say that I did everything right and asked if they really have been discussing me. I even wonder if there is a Data Protection breach here? Not that I have anything to hide. I did everything right. It looks like they have done this to lots of UK accounts now in order to avoid paying out.

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    I have now received a reply from Admiral apologising for the inconvenience by saying the message on their site was wrong due to technical errors they had on their site. This is a load of crap IMHO. I pointed out that their error was costing me 1420 Euros and I held them and Rivalo responsible. I even checked I was eligible before depositing, so this is just avoiding paying out. Only Admiral customers from the UK would need to join Rivalo, so any excuse that UK weren't eligible won't wash. Can SBR help in this at all?

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    Admiral now say that they intended the button for just a few, select customers, but accidentally put it on all accounts. Surely they are liable for this mistake and Rivalo are also responsible for accepting me then only stiffing me when I win. I wonder if they returned deposits to players who lost their deposits? I doubt it somehow.

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    Exactly the same happened to me.

    Closed acc, and refunded my initial deposit claiming I wasn't allowed the bonus. Even thou I specifically asked them before I deposited if I qualified for it.

    One to avoid

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    Admiralbet and rivalo are scammers. Situation like this just shows how online players are not protected from scammers like this even if they have gambling licenses. And they stole money not only from uk players but also from other european players. Rivalo was freeroling, they got money from players who lost money and returned deposits to winning players. Rivalo and admiralbet shoud be rated F.

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    I got the same e-mail just now and account is back open. I did hound them to take responsibility last night. Don't know if it worked, or maybe they just have a conscience. My 1420 Euros is now showing. Just got to get it paid out now. :-)

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    How to charge my account?

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    Guys stay away

    Way too much red tape

    Way better books

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