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    BetIslands... my last word...

    EITED gave repeated free plays to recreatinal as well as knownand profiled sharps including and exceeding as much as $2000...enough to fire away all day and all night long with the followingmentioned it was almost impossible to bust out.
    Edited also gave away comped withdrawal fees whether the playerwas coumpounded aggregate balance down as well as counpoundedaggregate balance up on the house... come on, you just do not do thatwhen a guy is kicking your ass....
    Edited also regularly pitched if not targeted not justrecreational players but players known to be sharp (myself includedconsidering he knew I was an insider and I had access to sharpnmbers, just incredibly stupid or desparate for his commisions at theexpense of the backer who know wonder bailed, I would have done thesame once I figured out what ws going on) and or profiled assharp.... you do not give sharp players extra shots to jam straightup your a55... accounting 101 basics.
    Edited also stalled and or spun customers with additionalfreeplays so they would stall their payouts... come on. If a guy istaking a payout then it is the hight of stupidity to give himadditional funds to play with since he is already a winner asking forfunds... good way for him to ask for his next even biggerwithdrtawal.
    Line Monitoring
    In general, EDITED SERVICE does a very good job of keepingtheir lines in tune with the market. There are two exceptions: earlyin the morning, and during halftime betting. This will cause agradual money leak to professional players, but does not pose a riskfrom recreational players.
    Correlated Parlays
    EDITED SERVICE is taking, full-game correlated parlays, atleast at a ratio of 2:1. Sharps will wager as much as they can onthis. EDITED SERVICE is also taking first half correlated parlays,which pose a bigger risk than full-game parlays. This risk isexasperated by allowing open legs in the parlays. This is atremendous risk to the book, because even recreational players knowto how do this.

    1. Manually disable in-game parlays for any game where the total is less than three times the spread.
    2. In the alternative, do not offer totals for any games with spreads of 14 or more.

    Unlimited Parlay Exposure
    If a sharp player wants to circumvent EDITED SERVICE limits, hecan legally do so using round robin parlays. For example, consider aplayer who has eight sharp plays. With limits of $1000, EDITEDSERVICE would hope that this one player could risk a maximum of $8000on that set of plays. If a player wagers, round robins (by 2s and3s), they can wager 84 parlays. With limits of $500 per parlay, theycould wager up to $33,600 on that set of plays in addition tostraight bets.

    1. Any parlay counts against straight side limits. For example, if a player places a single $300 parlay with teams A and B, $300 of the $1000 limit is used up on those two teams. The player could place up to another $700 in straight wagers or parlays with either/both of those selections. 5Dimes and Sports Interaction use this.
    2. In the alternative, close any account that has a balance of more than $10,000 (unless it is being watched closely).

    Teaser Vulnerabilities
    EDITED SERVICE recently reduced their payouts on three to fiveteam teasers to “retail”, raising the breakeven from 70.7% to72.7%. This is in line with the market. They are still offering6-team teasers at 7:1, which has a breakeven of 70.7%. This is notnormally a problem except during preseason NFL. However, EDITEDSERVCE also allows players to leave up to three open spots onteasers. As a result, sharp action on six-team teasers is a potentialthreat.
    As with teasers, its software allows player to leave open legs.This ultimately increases their vulnerability to this type of plays(as winning CP legs can be used to leverage smaller markets which areoff).
    They do not allow CPs in MLB.
    This invariably led to many sharps takingadvantage of a weak service as well as players that would notnormally have a consistent positive return (the net positive balanceswere the eqivilent of monopoly money) under normal circumstances, inour opinion though the BI sheet may have carried 1.5 million inplayer balances, this is not what we considered to be accurate norwere any involved in an offer to help players going to take thisfigure seriously. It was decided to make a reasonable non depositrequired offer, up to $5000 in cash balances, to help customersrecoup if not all but a large amount of deposits sent to the EDITEDSERVICE. This was a fair offer with a substantial amount of risk...
    with the possibility of regainingplayer faith and possibly long term loyalty for future seasons tocome. One major problem was when Edited shopped the sheet all over CRthen the sheet was out let alone the 3 service providers he used,JAZZ, M&M and EZ Street all had copies of the data base whichwould of diluted the capital as soon as they started marketing itwhich they all did including many others. Only so manyguys/playrers/customers and they all have basically the same amountof money to gamble with.
    All profiled sharps knew better, seriously.... there is no waythey could not know that this was an unsound busines infrastructurethat they repeatedly took advantage of and if they were stupid enoughto carry a high balance exceeding 4, 5 and even 6 digits then shameon them. They got what they deserved. If edited sweet words by email(cheers) and sweet whispers over the phone and little extra perksmade you agree to not demand your withdrawal or to not pull much ofyour balance then also shame on you, come on... if it was a bank orsomething I would of told the douche to Fck off and send me my money.Forget a 500fp when I got 4 to 5 figures sitting under his control,the hight of stupidity... or I mean greed.
    SBR, looks like they got in on a sound deal at the beginningand considering Edited now documented deceptions and unorthodoxbusiness practices for running a book it would not surprise me thatSBR including other affiliates alo got the shaft... and Imean manywhich is also documented. Fine SBR got a few bucks oner a year or sobut I am sure they lost more than they got based on advetisingagreements just like the rest of the advertisers and promoters of theEDITED brand.
    This basically started out fine and as soon as Edited realizedhe was just a lowly sales rep with a bit of book experience whichEdited truly was incapable of handling a real operation then thesmoke and mirrors went up with a sizable chunk of daily revenuesbeing diverted for entertainment purposes. Lots of easily and readilyvailable entertainment around these parts... Edited burned bright andfast which is a shame as I have noted before. He managed to weasel astraight shot for life and instead train wrecked it. What a failurein my book....
    Sbr may have been able to do more near the end but then againmaybe not, probably worried abut screwing the pooch in the end justin case a white knight came riding in at the last minute... who is tosay. But considering the book and books were cooked and we (insidersin CR) knew the goose was definitely cooked by September ( thinkSeptember or August was the last post I made about them paying and Ihave never said more than that, it was based on what I knew and thatwas that they paid. No infrastructure to speak of but maybe backingwas strong and could accommodate brand traction on the front end)after EDITED approached every single service that had the pockets andinfrastructure to pull them out of the fire into the frying pan whicheveryone of them turned EDITED down... except EZ Street which fromwhat I understand ERDITED deceived. The hope that maybe a good NFLseason could turn things around in 2012... well, maybe but notlikely. Hope for the best and stick your head in the ground when itcomes to the worst possible situation. But if you get my point, ifSBR had done anything there would have been a run on the servicemaking it impossible to take advantage of a good NFL season which Imight point out was none but from their thinking the only possiblechance that this could be turned around. We all know the outcome andit is a shame and my belief is that it was a standup deal from the gothat just went sideways from bad luck and imcompetence. A book takesmore than just a little sales experience and knowing a couple of guyswith a little bit of backing to be run it well with longevity. Itcrashed and burrned from irresponsible behaviour and poormathematical and non existent business sense and education. This is asimple business but it is not simple for those that are challengedwhen it comes to advanced math, business operations and last but notleast connects.

    PS.... there was a real offer for not qa bail out but a nondeposit up tp $5000 cash crtedit to match accounts upo to $5000balances, if the balance was less then they would have received lessbased on their current balance and it had a 20x rollover requirementwith a max $250 wager cap and no derivitives with structured payoutsin three incremenst which was wholly supported by an experiencedplayer advocacy team and 3 major and I might add respectedservices... these are the facts as I know them. The End, I will neveraddress this topic again.
    PSS.... gods know how many Euro arbitrage players were on thesheet... that is just something you do not allow to happen....

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    Wow, what an easy read.

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    Ps.... sorry about some of the editing... I was usimg a new word processor and when I cut and pasted the content what you see is what you get, my bad. Will not use that word processor again and the SBR one sucks in my opinion... sorry again for guys that did not know any better that got stiffed but I know many guys got paid at least over this 2 year span and for what it is worth no one walked away with any real money in my opinion... not considered real money in this business at least.

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    i'm glad that the guy supposedly playing a large role in brokering a bail out deal writes at a second grade level.

    par for the course i guess

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    stopped after 2nd paragraph...what decipher code do people need to use in order to find out what book is offering this

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    BetIslands paid me approximately 20k, they stiffed me for $633. Considering I had 17k sitting in my account at one time, it could have been much worse for me. I was withdrawing 5k per month via the free method. If I was stiffed for 17k, I would be in Costa Rica hunting this clown Jon down.

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    What is edited out? Jon's real name?

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    Why did they shut down first week of December? If I was them, why wouldn't they try to keep the charade going for as long as possible.

    My feeling is that they were using EZ's platform and then EZ pulled the rug from under them.

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    Well.... it was surely not a T.E. Lawrence composition but I did not find it was needed for a forum post. I basically did a basic edit on a beta copy to keep certain names and brands out of the content. The initial part is enlightening so you guys can see just how the book got beat. Also, once the books numbers got so top heavy it was unsustainable to use incoming deposits to keep payouts spinning and take into consideration that November and the first 2 weeks of December were very bad for NFL so that also effected deposits so it was not possible to stall withdrawals any longer. Also, with the word processing incompatabilities as well as the 5 screw drivers I had had I was just not motivated to edit the content in the tiny SBR edit window... oh well. Maybe I will go Shakespearean on you next time... have fun trying to read that. Sorry about the deal Goombah, it is a mthrfkr...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KGambler View Post
    What is edited out? Jon's real name?
    What was edited... all names and brands...

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    What about all footage the NOC engineers have especially the November 17th cash drop into that South Florida bank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigboydan View Post
    What about all footage the NOC engineers have especially the November 17th cash drop into that South Florida bank?
    Tell me more plz