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    Had an account at bowmans, but once bet 365 took over they shut me down. Never had an account at 365. Can I open a 365 account? If I can I will certainly activate my pro option again with a deposit.

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    If your account was in good standing with them and was shut down due to the business being bought out then I dont see why they wouldnt reopen it - assuming that you are not a US resident of course.

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    I too had my Bowmans account transferred to Bet$3.65.
    I had previously had an account there but it had been limited so severely that I had closed it.
    Before too long the new (ex Bowmans) account was similarly limited and I closed it too.
    A couple of years later I opened an account on seeing Bet$3.65 offer a bonus for new accounts for those who didn't have an account with them. So I checked both my old account logins and found that they didn't appear to exist any longer. Ok, I thought I'll open an new account and apply for the bonus. No deal!! I tried to place a bet and it was limited to peanuts. I promptly withdrew my deposit.