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    Opinions Please

    Am looking to move into anywhere from 5-8 offshore accounts. I have been doing my research, but I was looking for any opinions/recommendations. I am looking for 1-2 books where I can get the soonest possible opening line. The other books I am looking for ones that are trustworthy (i'm going to get paid), but may also be a little slower in moving their lines according to the industry.

    I am almost 100% getting some funds in Matchbook as I play baseball and you can't beat the numbers. The others are still up in the air. I was thinking BetJam? Also SIA?

    Any suggestions, or recommendations? Thanks

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    First off, Welcome to the SBR forum

    Both BookMaker and TheGreek post early lines which should cover that part of your question. Now as far as a few other books that are reliable from a safety of funds standpoint goes. You might want to check out 5Dimes, ABCIslands, Tradesports, and of course BetJamaica just to name a few.

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