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    Soccer betting for degenerates

    Has anyone ever been on a cold streak where everything you bet on loses? I literally bet on 8 difference soccer matches. Put in the research and cant seem to catch a break.

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    I think we’ve all been there. It sucks

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    Over on another soccer site, there is a guy who went 0-8 two days ago, when 0-5 yesterday in the morning and just gave up.

    If you are betting 3 way lines I can see going 0-8 very easily.

    In all honesty some people do it to themselves with dumb bets (not you just some people)
    the dumbest is over 1.5 in the first half for a little plus money. Oh how I hate this bet. Not that I don't like the actual bet, but to get +110 on something like that is awful. Depending on the league, you should be getting at least 2-1 on that.
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